Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pottering About

 Well the weather has been cooler around here this week. Ex-hurricane Bertha tore through England over the weekend and in the early part of the week. Fortunately we were not too badly affected, the only casualty was our rickety old bird feeder and my sweet-peas.

We soon put it all to rights :)

The cooler weather has got me into the autumn spirit a little early this year. Although there are no physical changes in our world, in my heart I am planning some autumnal themed stitching projects and have been pinning all sorts of inspirational things on my Embroidery and Cross Stitch Pinterest board.

Speaking of Cross Stitch, I have finally finished my kitten in a teacup piece...

To be honest the actual stitching was finished months ago, but it was all that back stitching that put me off and caused me to ignore it for most of this year. I'm a bit cross at myself though - foolishly (and I KNOW not to do this but did anyway) I left the Aida in the embroidery hoop. The result is a stain - which I cannot get out - where the hoop was.

Fortunately the hoop did not cross the stitching and actually had the whole piece well framed, so after a quick hunt of Pinterest I found a great tutorial to set it into a circular fabric frame which will cover the mark completely. I was initially going to make this into a scatter cushion for the conservatory, but then considered - at hubby's suggestion - to rather frame it. But now my blunder with the hoop has pretty much forced me to go back to my original plan.

A quick share on another great quick and easy homeschool lunch idea I came across - Pita Pizza. Take a few pita pockets, spoon on your favorite pizza base, top with whatever rocks your boat, sprinkle with cheese and pop into the oven. Deeee-lish!

And looky here... I pulled up two carrots yesterday to see how they are getting on and was THRILLED to see them long and straight. First time I have ever been able to accomplish that! The secret? Growing them in growing bags. Lots of space to grow straight with no stones or clay soil to cause them to grow into one another or distort. Now obviously they are not quite ready - but we are getting there :)

Today I hope to spend a bit of time in the veggie patch and will update the Garden Diary's soon. It's all looking rather bare at the moment - but more on that later ;)

Have a super Thursday all.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On and Off The Needles

Around here at Moor View Cottage, I have been able to spend quite a bit of time on lots of handwork. It makes me happy to be able to sit, take some time out, and do these quiet things.

I am still busy on my scarf, it is growing slowly but surely. I do have to have a little concentration going on when I am working on this project so picking it up really means that I have to have a bit of space to concentrate on the pattern. No talking while I'm counting please! :)

When I'm in the mood for mindless non-thinking needlework, I have been working on a string of crochet bunting. This week I finished it up

Reading: I've picked up a Dick Francis novel. I used to devour them, then kind of went off them. This one I took out of the library for my daughter who is horse mad. Once she was done with it I found myself between books and so picked this one up. I'm quite enjoying it. Dick Francis sets his novels in England's horse racing world. They are well written murder mysteries that draw you into the story from the get-go.  Fabulous easy going reading :)

Joining Ginny today for Yarn Along

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Etsy Update

Ok - well, Autumn is on the horizon and I have heard that when you run an Etsy store - or any crafting store/stall for that matter - you should always be thinking ahead.

So, here I am thinking, planning and preparing ahead of time. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you will know how I love to decorate my home and celebrate each and every season. It wont be long now before autumn comes knocking on our doors, so I have been inspired to create a bunting range to celebrate the most beautiful of all seasons.

I love love LOVE bunting. It is quintessentially English. Honestly, it is strung up everywhere in summer - even taken along on picnics! So why not for every season of the year? Anyone who has visited my home knows that I have bunting strung up in just about every room in the house - tastefully of course ;) too much of a good thing can get a bit much.

Over the years I've even made bunting to fit across my fireplace mantle - Easter, Christmas, all these little touches shout 'home'! I've started playing around with the shape of my bunting too...

This is my most recent experiment, scalloped bunting. I have made two quite long strings which could be hung across a double doorway, across a wide dresser, or along a window. Of course it all looks cute outside too - perhaps for an autumn picnic or strung up on bonfire night?

But most of my scalloped bunting has been purpose made to string along a mantle. I've made two strings of Flower Fairy mantle bunting, but completely fell in love with one of them, so that's gone into my autumn decor stash instead of in the shop.

Don't you just think the little autumn flower fairy's are so cute? I love them. Unfortunately I cannot find this fabric anywhere anymore, so all this lovely flower fairy bunting is a 'limited edition'.

Now - how cool is this?- my eldest daughter is very arty and crafty - it never stops with her. Her hands are always busy creating something pretty. Her dream is to go to college and do and Art and Design course, then come home and open shop - a real shop - with me ;) It happens to be my dream too so I'm very happy with that idea thank you!

She has jumped on the bandwagon early and has already gone into partnership with me. So the Etsy Store is no longer just MY Etsy Store, it's now a Mother and Daughter enterprise!

Here's what she's made this week...

Aren't they just so pretty? These little bow clips would make a perfect stocking filler I think. You can pop over here to see a bit more detail.

Now I must dash - I'm taking advantage of the school holidays and need to get back to the craft room ;)

Have a blessed day all.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

A Little Loveliness :)

Hello Everyone :)

 I've been grounded! Isn't that wonderful? Last week Friday my car got sick and is now in the workshop for a whole week. Initially I was not as thrilled as I sound right now lol - but there is always a silver lining to every cloud.

 I am pretty much forced to stay at home, slow down, and do all those lovely things that I have been longing to to. I have spent time pottering about and giving my conservatory a bit of a neaten up and redecorating - nothing too hectic, adding a small touch here and there.

I hung up some bunting I had made a while ago. This hanging job required a bit of drilling by DH, he was happy to accommodate my nesting urges :)

I purchased a little willow woven heart hanging from The Range for something ridiculous like £3.00 - doable decor!

In the rocking chair corner there have been some touches added too, this pretty wire framed heart has been hung up. I plan on printing off family pics and popping them into the little holders.

My daughter made this cute little posy of button flowers so they have found a place in the conservatory too...

And a lovely basket of plants, a gift from a friend last year - which has survived that long! - is now out of the laundry room and into this lovely sunny room.

Along with a cute little plate of candles given to me by my dd...

I have also been able to spend quality time on developing an autumn range for my Etsy shop. I've had two days of sewing together some beautiful autumn bunting - oh it's so pretty! It's hard not to want to keep it all and hang it up all over the house :) - I'll be posting on all that tomorrow :o)

I finally made my dd the string of bunting that she has wanted for so long for her bedroom. It really does look so pretty strung along the side of her daybed.

So - lots of loveliness going on here at Moor View Cottage :o)

Speaking of loveliness... I have discovered the most beautiful magazine..

It's called Daphne's Diary.

It's a diary in the form of a magazine. It is packed full of recipes, travel, vintage things, interiors, little diary entries on Daphne's family life...

Oh and freebies! There are the sweetest freebies. This month is was a free vintage look travel diary, some pretty tags and this cute little air balloon mobile to make - the quality of the push-outs is lovely. I'm picturing this hanging in my newly overhauled romantic conservatory ;)

The magazine certainly has a very Continental feel to it - which I love. The travel articles made me want to jump onto a aeroplane and go and see them all for myself! I love the way it has been set up in the magazine, take a look below....

This is exactly  how I would set up travel journal pages in my own journal :)

Anyhoo, I'm going to echo Daphne's sentiments from the picture above and wish you all a lovely day, and I'll see you back here very soon :o)