Wednesday, September 17, 2014

W.I.P Wednesday

 I have been kept busy with what feels like about a thousand (lovely) projects this week.

I'm still busy knitting my socks and scarf, and crocheting my blanket. But this week a bit more urgent knitting had to be dealt with - wash cloths...

I only use knit washcloths in my home. I love how thick and absorbent they are. With my current washcloths looking rather worse for wear, I commissioned my mother-in-law to knit up a couple (she has done a FABULOUS job) and I knitted up a couple, so I now have a draw full of cloths that should last me the next year at least.

Allot of stitching is happening around here too. Some finishes...

I really need to make up these little stitchery's sometime soon! I plan to make a little autumn pillow our of the top, properly mount the kitty stitchery - and I'm still undecided about using it as a Christmas card or popping it into a frame to display around Christmas time and the last little stitchery will more than likely grace the front of a Christmas card.

Still busy with...

...this little autumn stitchery. Once this one is done I'll haul out my sewing machine and fabric stash to make this one (and the other one) into cute little decorative cushions to display. My aim is to have them all sewn up by the 23rd - to mark the Autumn Equinox :)

Have a lovely creative Wednesday dear readers...

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along and Frontier Dreams

Thursday, September 11, 2014

'Season of Mists...

... and mellow fruitfulness.' John Keats' words describe the season so well. This whole week we have woken to a misty landscape. It's all quite lovely I have to say.

The evenings and early mornings have had a chill in the air, but our days have been wonderfully warm.

Yesterday morning I woke early and thought I would go and capture the seasons loveliness one shot at a time...

Morning Mists
I filled the bird feeders on my snappy rounds - there are a few faithful birds that visit daily. The robin is back and I am really looking forward to the colder weather which will see my bird feeders a busy place once more with lots of feathered friends flying in to fill their bellies.

The Virginia Creeper that drapes itself over the back wooden fence is just beginning to turn...

And all my rose bushes have the most lovely spray of scarlet rosehips.

The trees that line our street continue to drop leaves daily and are beginning to form the most beautiful carpet of leaves. Early yesterday morning for the first time I heard the crunch of leaves underfoot of a passing walker.

Autumn berries are beginning to come into their own - only a week ago these berries were green, now they are a joyful, jolly shade of red :)

We had a very interesting visitor this week. Pigeons of course are not a rare visitor to our feeders, but a racing pigeon sure is! This young lady was ravenous and did not mind us approaching her and capturing her in the slightest. 

We called the owner on the contact numbers stamped on her flight feathers and he drove over to pick her up. He lives over an hour away so this pigeon was well and truly lost. Apparently she had been released to race on Sunday and not returned. He said that she clearly had done lots of flying because she had lost half her body weight - no wonder she was scoffing down bird seed like there was no tomorrow!

I'm glad that she had a happy ending and returned home after her adventures.

Afternoon Autumn Haze
Our days are ending as they begin, shrouded in haziness. This photo was taken the same day as the morning mists but at around 3pm. I love the autumn haze that just seems to stick around. There was nothing chilly about this afternoon, in fact I think the temperatures must have been in the early 20's!

And lastly for today, a quick show and tell...

My Kitten in a teacup Cross-stitch has been framed and has been hung up in our living room. I love how it turned out. I had been a bit cross with myself for leaving it in the embroidery hoop for so long as it stained the fabric. But some clever mounting by my framer means you would never know :)

Enjoy Thursday everyone, wishing you all a wonderful early autumn day :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Yarn Along Post

Aaaah. Wednesday - half way through the week with the weekend to look forward to. Lessons started up for us this week and so far so good! Everything that was set out in the planner has been achieved and all in fairly good spirits! Whoohooo ;)

I find that knitting is a wonderful thing to be getting on with while the girls are working at their lessons. I'm able to set the needles aside instantly to help when they reach a challenge in their work and pick it up again without feeling too lost once done.

As usual I have numerous projects on the go - two making an appearance here on today's Yarn Along post.

First is a blanket for the approaching cooler weather. This is a crochet project which is great to pick up in the evening when my body and mind are weary. The rhythm of the hook calms me and the simple DC stitch requires no thought at all. This blanket is really for when watching telly, or to throw into the back of the car when we travel to Manchester fortnightly for a day of art tuition with some dear friends. Those early morning winter starts can be beastly cold and a nice closely woven blanket helps make the journey a bit more cosy.

I'm crocheting this blanket in a rather plain tweedy brown wool blend, but I plan on prettying it up with white borders and some lovely white crochet flowers dotted all over it.

Still keeping with the browns - quite unintentionally - I have a pair of autumn socks on the needles. I'm using Drops Alpaca wool and it is beautifully soft and warm. I can't wait to slip them onto my feet. There's nothing like a pair of hand-knit socks in winter!

Reading: I'm currently reading a Francis Brody mystery. A good light reading 'who dunnit'. I love this genre - not too heavy, not to gory or disturbing. Very Miss Marpleish - just my cup of tea :)

Joining Ginny today for Yarn Along.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

UK Families - Are You Up For 5 Minutes of Fame?

This post is aimed at all the UK families that read my blog. 

Last week I received a very interesting email in response to my Woodland Walk post. It was an email from a lovely lady named Ellie. She is the Assistant Producer for Plimsoll Productions, a film company in Bristol.

They are on the hunt for UK families to take part in television series for BBC2. Here's what it's all about...

Ellie's Email:

We are currently on the hunt for lovely, lively families to be part of an exciting new style of television series for BBC2, documenting family life across Britain in 2015.

The series, entitled You Should See My Family, will capture everyday routines, occasional dramas, frequent humour and, most important of all, the warmth and togetherness of family life. 
Using the latest technology, we’re also able to put the participating families in control; allowing them the opportunity to capture their family, pets, and special moments together.

Does it sound like something you think your family would like to do? If you are keen you can apply via the details below:

In order to apply to take part, there is a short online questionnaire – please do feel free to share this link:  

If you know of anyone in your circle of friends who would love an opportunity like this, please feel free to share on your FB page or on your blog, or perhaps just share via good old word of mouth ;)

Have a lovely Tuesday all...